Laconia's Olive Groves

We were born and grew up with oil in this blessed land that might produce the best olive oil in the world. From small children live in the olive groves, and experience all stages of olive. Pruning, harvesting and processing, to standardize and promote our products in the market. When we started we thought only the estate, later as the years passed and growing up through the groves things were changing constantly had to showcase our olive oil in Greece and in other countries to contribute to our quality as producers in a healthier diet. So we have created for your convenience, a space for all your purchases safely directly from “the producer himself.

So with our knowledge and experience, we bring to your home our olive oil, extra virgin olive oil cold pressing, only the variety “Koroneiki”. You offer wonderful olive kalamata and green olives.

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Vision and Values

Our Vision is to establish our products as the No1 choice in consumer preferences.
Our mission to provide our customers the superior category olive oil, a highly elegant and safe packaging, contributing to a healthier diet. Our Values.
Quality: We invest in our superior quality olive oil and product aesthetics with the latest technology.
Respect: We respect the needs of consumers and environmental protection.
Collaboration: We place value on effective collaboration as we believe that long term relationships are the foundation of success and our ongoing evolution.
Credibility: We work with responsibility and dedication so reciprocating the trust of all those who choose us.